Clearshield Paint Protection

Clearshield Paint Protection

The advantage is clear. With Clearshield paint protection film, the most vulnerable areas of a vehicle have an extra measure of protection from:

  • Insect stains and abrasions
  • Scratches and nicks
  • Small road debris damage
  • Winter road salt and sand

Clearshield offers the next generation of protection for a vehicle’s paint finish – whether to preserve a vehicle’s appearance or minimize leased vehicle turn back charges.

ComputerCut offers proprietary software that allows a dealer access to hundreds of vehicle Clearshield kit designs via the Internet providing you with an extensive up-to-date vehicle library. Clearshield kits offer protection for vulnerable areas of the vehicle such as the hood, fenders, mirrors, grilles and bumpers.


With ComputerCut, a dealer can produce precision cut Clearshield kits on demand. This efficient and technologically advanced production process provides a Clearshield dealer a cost effective tool to meet the demands of the burgeoning paint protection film market.

Clearshield comes complete with the software coupled with a state-of-the-art, plug and play plotter. Clearshield is available with a plotter. Whether your business is window tint, detailing, glass replacement, accessories or a car wash, Clearshield ComputerCut can add additional profits to your bottom line. Clearshield ComputerCut is the “clear” choice for any automotive related business.


Clearshield Kit

The Clearshield ComputerCut basic kit includes:

  • ComputerCut Film Cutting Plotter
  • ComputerCut Internet Database Program
  • Free software updates
  • Unlimited Toll Free and Online Support

Solar Gard® Clearshield® – clearly the best protection you’ll never see

Your new vehicle is vulnerable to damage the minute you drive it off the lot. Traditional methods of protecting your car’s paint, such as bras and bug shields, can actually cause further damage, are unsightly and obscure the color brilliance you were originally aiming to protect.

Solar Gard Clearshield is the latest, most advanced development in automotive paint finish protection. This nearly undetectable, protective urethane film is designed to resist impact from the everyday damaging road hazards such as gravel, debris, stones, road salt and even insects. Clearshield is ComputerCut according to your vehicle’s make and model so it fits like a glove on the most chip-prone surfaces, such as the hood, mirrors and bumpers, requiring no drilled holes or special fasteners like other protection products. So, while you won’t even notice Clearshield is there, it will be constantly hard at work helping to protect your vehicle from costly chips, nicks and scratches. Best of all, Clearshield is backed by a strong, 5-year warranty and requires no special maintenance – simply clean, wash and wax your vehicle the same way you always have.

Start protecting your vehicle’s paint finish with Clearshield today, visit our dealer locator to find the Clearshield professional nearest you. Also, review our virtual catalog to see the protection Clearshield offers your vehicle.

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